How to not waste 999 RMB

2016-06-08 上海日报Shdaily 上海日报Shdaily

As expats living in China it’s all too easy to blow hard earned money on “home comforts.” Whether it’s fancy craft pijiu or too many Western dinners with friends, it’s not difficult to spend well over 300 Kuai on a big night out. 

Think twice before you throw your hard earned cash down the drain, you can do a lot with 300 Kuai! Shake things up on the cheap by venturing to a side of China that can’t be found in a bar or restaurant! 

We’d put Huangshan pretty high up on our list of destinations expat should experience while they’re in China. So we’re putting it well within your reach. While it is hard to put a price tag on natural beauty, we’d argue 333 RMB a day is a steal!

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